Meet a jeweler: Anne-Marie Chagnon

Meet a jeweler: Anne-Marie Chagnon

Twenty years ago, Anne-Marie Chagnon founded her business and chose to create, produce and assemble her jewellery in Montreal. All her jewellery, available on five continents, is still created and crafted at her studio. This woman who follows her heart as well as her mind is proud of that choice.

“Social pressure is high. I fit in, but not at the expense of my personality. I assert my right to be different, my difference. Sometimes I disturb, but I always express and affirm myself. I have the passion to invent adornments to make you beautiful, as strong and remarkable as you are, confident and proud. Welcome to my audacity.”


From the days of her youth, creativity was present; Anne-Marie Chagnon drew, wrote poems, sculpted, played of a musical instrument. Multidisciplinary artist trained at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQÀM), Anne-Marie Chagnon explores materials instinctively. Her father financed her first pewter production. Her mother put her shoulder to the wheel by becoming her fist commercial representative. By the age of 19, Anne-Marie Chagnon hired a friend to assist her in assembling the jewellery. That is when and how the company was founded.

Her conviction: being your true self is remarkable. Indeed, numerous peers from the creative universe recognize the profoundness of her artistic approach and the quality of her know-how, amongst which Le Cirque du Soleil that solicited her to create exclusive and branded jewellery for a decade. On her very first participation at the BIJORHCA PARIS trade show, the artist jeweller was awarded with the Étoile de Mode. In New York, her jewellery was selected by Iris Apfel, style and fashion living legend, to be included in the collection of artwork sold at the Peabody Essex Museum – a choice shared by the curators of more than forty prestigious museums in North America. In 2015, following a few multidisciplinary exhibits in Canada and abroad, the artist held her first solo painting exhibit. The artist was even made the honour of representing Canada and Shanghai World Expo in 2010.


Chiselled pewter, sheer glass, luminous resin, sumptuous 22 carat gold, lustrous copper, shimmering bronze; Anne-Marie Chagnon shapes and sculpts original and exclusive pieces, as contemporary as they are timeless.


Anne-Marie makes difference no only by her art but by her community input, as well. Beyond the social implications of producing locally, the company engages with the community by supporting numerous charitable and non-profit organisations of various fields. Anne-Marie Chagnon’s community involvement program comprises three pillars of activities through which the company donates over $75,000 every year to the community – from Montreal to Vancouver, New York City and Chicago.

Anne-Marie Chagnon also creates fundraising collections of exclusive jewellery to support causes dear to her heart. The current fundraising collections are the Jewellery of Hope, for the Institut du cancer de Montréal (research on ovarian cancer) and the Tapis Rouge Collection, for Ciné Tapis Rouge (to promote cultural exchanges through cinematographic exchanges).

In recent years, Anne-Marie Chagnon also offert fundraising collections to Néz pour vivre, the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada and the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

The importance of community involvement in her business model contributed to her winning the YWCA Montreal’s Women of Distinction Award in the Entrepreneurship category in 2015.

Price range: earrings from $30, bracelets from $25, necklaces from $45. Luxury collection available.

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