You are too old for these things

You are too old for these things

You are too old for these things

How often do you hear this phrase, said directly or not? I am 30 (only!) this spring and it’s been already a couple of times. I always had a question – how can a person be too old for things? Things can be old for me, or they may not be of my style or taste, they may not suit me – that is true. It is also true, that there is always interaction between a person and a thing (or activity), and that interaction can be harmonious or not. But how, by all means, the thing can be put into the decisive center of that interaction? Or is it possible that we are so indecisive that try to hide behind the things to define our lifestyle and move from one thing to another to advance our life forward, as if jumping on little firm islands to walk through a mud?

These thoughts came to my head recently when I was writing about two jewelry designers from Montreal, Catrie and Gabrielle Desmarais. Both of them did not use young cute faces in their advertising lookbooks. When I noticed it, I caught myself at a mental paradox. For many years I have been told at business schools and companies that to address your target audience you need to pick up from it a role model for the advertising. If you have an aged model, you won’t be able to sell anything to younger generation. Stop. Is that true? Look at those photos. When I saw them, it, actually gave me even more taste to get something from these designers (even though I already have). Why? Because IT IS STYLE. And it is not about age or face or hair. It is about YOUR OWN STORY. I see a story behind these people.

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I noticed that all my really favourite role models are not young at all! All of them have lived or still living a long life, full of exploring and telling their own stories to the world. Iris Apfel calls herself a “geriatric starlet” and I simply love that! (Just in case you don’t know her, she decorated the White House for nine presidents, had a Costume Institute exhibition of her own wardrobe and first covered a fashion magazine at the age of 91).

“Yes I’m 95 today. And I’ve never been more busy and productive” – wrote Iris this summer on her Facebook page.


The simplest and shortest advice? Be interested in your life and tell your own story! And you will never be too old for the world!

“If you are not interested, you are not interesting” Iris Apfel


Photos from Iris Apfel, Catrie and Gabrielle Desmarais

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