Meet a jeweler: Sonia Bandulet

Meet a jeweler: Sonia Bandulet

Hi everyone! It is Friday which means that I am inviting you to discover a jeweler from Montreal. Today I want to tell you about Sonia Bandulet.

I have not yet met this artist in person, but it has been a couple of months that I discovered her architectural geometric creations – black & white, light and shadow. As if she is searching for some simple and beautiful decision for the questions that are not easy. So much balance… Look at this – I got particularly inspired by this saying from her site

The search for balance between work and personal life is for many their main challenge. In this collection, the two parallel lines symbolizes this delicate balance. Although they should never cross, they must always go hand in hand in the same direction.



This is what Sonia says about her work:

My inspiration is derived from simple everyday objects and is strongly influenced by the straight lines of architecture.  It is the lines that are traced that form the basis of my creations, as well as the materials that I use coming from nature or from a variety of man-made sources.  I feel that beauty is found in the small details of our daily lives.

The personality should never be overpowered by clothing, hair or jewellery; rather it should accentuate and reveal the wearer.

For the second year in a row, Sonia is a finalist in two categories at the 2016 NICHE Awards, a competition that began in 1989 to celebrate excellence and innovation in American and Canadian fine craft.  Each year, a prestigious panel of judges is selected by the editors of NICHE magazine, including gallery owners, guild and museum directors, curators, craft industry experts and arts advocates to select the top five finalists in each category amongst nearly 2,000 entries.

What else to say? Check out her Instagram profile – a stylish world of black & white inspirations.

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Price range: earrings from $45, rings from $90, necklaces and pendants from $70, bracelets from $70.

bracelet-minimalist-parallele IMG_6422AB IMG_6464AB IMG_6514AB_crop4x6 modern-edgy-braclet Parallele-Collection transformable-earring-chic Tresor-stackable-rings Twisted-ball-necklace

Photos and information taken from the site of Sonia Bandulet

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