Meet a jeweler: Shannon Mastromonico

Meet a jeweler: Shannon Mastromonico

Hi everyone! As it happens every Friday, I will share with you something about a jeweler from Montreal. As you know, I have a strong affection to contemporary and art jewelry in its different incarnations. But it is not the only thing that attracts me in this domain. I am also interested in people, in personal transformational stories, related to jewelry. One day I will tell you mine, but today it will be another story.

Let me introduce you Shannon Mastromonico.


She started to create jewelry for fun in high school. It was 90’s, and fimo (polymer clay) was at its peak of popularity. Shannon continued in college but did not stay consistent and went into other things. Five years ago two important things happened in her life, one was good and one not really – she was diagnosed with fybromyalgia (a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas.) and she returned to making jewelry.

This time she made it serious – took courses to work with wire, metal and gemstones. In around 1,5 years her account in Instagram grew from 134 to 10,5 thousand followers, surrounding her with a wonderful supportive community. She also has her Etsy shop with the average price $40-$60.


Now, I wonder why I haven’t been doing this forever.  I studied photography, drawing and painting but handmade jewelry became my favourite way to make art.

I am telling the story of Shannon because I think that it takes courage to do the things that we love. I want all people who doubt themselves or think that they have too many obstacles on the way to those things simply to make steps and to keep walking. There are persuasive examples of people who make their dreams come true.

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