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Meet a jeweler: KA joaillerie

Meet a jeweler: KA joaillerie

I am sending all of you the vibes of spring and will feature this Friday a bright and colourful jewelry designer from Montreal Catalina Montoya, famous to some of you as KA joaillerie. Here is her photo, visualising beauty, summer and joy.


Catalina is a Colombian born Montrealer. In 2014 she received a degree in Jewelery from the Ecole des métiers sud ouest de Montréal. The world is small, the jewelry world is especially tiny. You remember Pilar Agueci and Anne-Marie Chagnon? During 2014, Catalina was an intern at Pilar Agueci’s workshop, to later become her occasional assistant until July 2015. Also during 2015, she worked at the Anne-Marie Chagnon studio, both experiences allowed her to get a broader view of the trade.

While continuing with her education, Catalina developed her own jewelery brand “Ka Joaillerie”.


2015 was an important year for Ka Joallerie – Catalina became the finalist in the 2015 NICHE Award. Under the mentorship of Carles Codina (main designer of Codina Barcelona studio) and Ricardo Dominguez, she was selected to participate in Braincolombia Jewelry cluster, this allowed her to take part of Expoartesanias, the major Colombian art and craft fair in Bogota.

In 2016, alongside Ethik Boutique & eco-design hub, KA joaillerie participated in Montreal fashion week. In September of that year, Catalina became a member of the Conseil des métiers d’art du Québec. This allowed Ka Joaillerie to take part in the 2016 edition of Salon des métiers d’art de Montréal, where she was nominated the finalist for the prize of excellence.







Currently, at the beginning of 2017, Catalina was selected by The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec to take part in a residency program for artists in Buenos Aires, Argentina, under the mentorship of Latin American artists such as Jorge Castanon, among others. She is there at the moment, learning new technics and sending a big hi to all of you!


I like to translate the nature that surrounds me into pieces of jewelry.

Based on natural forms and using the fractal patterns presents in nature as a primary source of inspiration (from a fern leaf, to a snowflake or a beehive, which are developed by the indefinite repetition of a geometric or spatial elements in each plane), KA’s designs begins to take shape. KA Joaillerie’s aesthetics could be described as “organic minimalism” – Catalina’s creations are full of movement and life, and are recognized by an asymmetric and organic feel.

I would like to tell you about her collection IMAGO.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.

This is, basically, the inspiration for this collection – the violent, but beautiful process by which butterflies manage to achieve Imago (or the butterfly’s adult stage).

The IMAGO process starts when, while preparing for the transformation phase, the caterpillar accumulates large amounts of food until being satisfied, so that under its new chrysalis form is immobilized and adhered to a branch. During this “lethal indigestion” the Chrysalis will consume itself from the inside

The “imaginal cells”, those that lay inert during the caterpillar stage, will begin to sprout containing the butterfly genetic information, and due to the unrecognition of the Caterpillar’s inmune system, this cells will be under attack, but the change already started, and this battle is the turning point where the caterpillar’s die and a butterfly is born.

Look at these pieces!!


Catalina’s work is present at L.A. PAI Gallery in Ottawa as well as the boutique of Centre Materia in Quebec. As well, she is a participant of different arts and crafts fairs (I actually discovered her during last year’s Salon des métiers d’arts. You can also buy pieces by her online.

The price range for IMAGO collection: rings from 90$, earrings from 65$, necklaces from 95$, bracelets from 110$ .

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