LOFT.bijoux – your guide to the world of designer jewelry made in Canada!

Hi, everyone! My name is Olga, I am a jeweler and creative entrepreneur, based in Montreal. With this blog I am sharing my passion for designer jewelry made in Canada. I curate and include only the professional designers.

Since I travel, I have inspirations from other places, as well. Jewelry lovers can search here for artists, designs and events, jewelry professionals can get their work featured and share their experience with the colleagues. I am particularly proud of my Interview section, where I tell a story of a new designer every week!


Why “LOFT.bijoux”? The word “loft” comes from the Old English (probably, my cultural heritage after living in England), Old Norse lopt, which meant “air, sky, upper room“. Loft is “a room or space directly under the roof of a house or other building, used for accommodation or storage”. It is EXACTLY what I need – I will store here all the abundant stories about jewelry that I love so much and don’t have more space to keep it simply for myself.

The Team


OLGA LECLAIR                                                                                     

An entrepreneur, jewelry designer and blogger from Montreal. Eco-friendly in life and work. Before switching to jewelry for 10 years she had been managing projects and doing consulting for electric energy and green energy companies.



Lover of travelling, jewelry and, needless to say, ships. In 2016 she made a jewelry visit to 8 countries and 16 cities. With some rare exceptions, a cute and agreable creature. You can follow her on Instagram