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I am happy to be invited as a blogger to Fashion Preview. Before moving on to jewelry let me talk a bit about the event. For the 7th time it makes an epicenter for talented young fashion creators, their fans, photographers, fashion professionals, media and simply beautiful people.

This year the major topic is the Nordic climate (why am I not surprised?) and the program features its interpretation by the students of Сégep Marie-Victorin Fashion School (in collaboration with Vestechpr), ESG-UQAM Graduate School of Fashion and LaSalle Collège.


What do I think about all this? First of all, it is awesome that after a fashion school you have an opportunity to show your work not in a tiny stuffy classroom but in such nurturing and quality conditions. In a real life to real public.


Second, I met nice people, had a chance to talk. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed, not a hint of arrogance, often typical of such events. These are also credits to organizers.


Third, it is a nice occasion simply to think. We were discussing with some guys that some models looked as if they escaped from a certain institution, wrapping in everything they could find on their way. Yes, it might be true. But I really doubt that the designer was thinking “Oh, I will just add more plastic bags and one day it will become a new dress-code standard in a bank”. I think it is made to draw attention to simple questions – what do we put on and why? What do we see around and why we see it? And I do feel that this brain stimulation also took place.


Before I start talking about jewelry, get a glimpse into the event. By the way, it is happening from Monday till Wednesday and you can still  get there tonight. I was on Tuesday and saw four shows.


I always pay attention to details. These shoes

During all the event there is a kind of a design market working – Village des Accessoires. My friend Bijoux Pépine and a new discovery – Elisabeth Lehoux with her jewelry from recycled fur.


Now about jewelry from the podium.

1. Mono-earring, a hero of world fashion weeks of a couple of recent seasons. Interpretation by Christian Chenail

2. Chains and ropes. Various hanging things. By KQK

And by Сégep Marie-Victorin Fashion School


3. A big pin for a big scarf. By Christian Chenail

4. Choker and different leather things

To sum up, these guys have a dream – to create fashion. And they are bold enough to share it with us.

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