Is it safe to eat gold?


One of you asked whether it's safe to EAT GOLD.
At some restaurants you see food topped with gold flakes and leaves. And it's been known for centuries in European and Japanese cuisine.

There are NO KNOWN cases when people died eating gold. But it should be nearly pure (23-24k) gold with no additional, potentially poisonous metals.

The gold used for edible applications is known in Europe as E-175 (EFSA).

Scientifically speaking, gold is chemically inert and won't break down during digestion. Simply speaking, you might have some sparkling poop.

Gold is used in medicaments and dentistry and, aside from rare allergies, is not known to cause harm. However, there's not much research on it.

Sooo, guys, just to make sure, don't eat gold too much & too often

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