La Vie en Rose. Pink jewelry style guide

Style guide

I was recently asked to make a style guide of pink jewelry, made in Quebec, Canada. The task was to have it either completely pink or with the pink touches, of good quality (plastic pink beads from the mass-market did not work). And today I thought: “Why not share it with everyone? The summer is here!”

1.KA Joaillerie

$95. Necklace
$145. Earrings
$115. Ring

2. Studio Method(e)

$54.84. Earrings (copper, silver, plastic, powder coating, plastic silver)
$205.65. Necklace (copper, powdercoat, cotton thread, steel screws)

3.Anne-Marie Chagnon

$143. Bracelet (glass, pewter, wood, horn, elastic)
$68. Earrings (pewter, glass, golden finish french clasp)

4. Claudine Moncion

$70. Earrings (silver, copper)
$65. Bracelet (silver, copper)

5. Gabrielle Desmarais

Necklace. Unique piece, price on request (contact the artist)

6. Aurelie Guillaume

$120. Necklace (powder coating)

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