Meet a jeweler: Clémence Bienvenu


Hi everyone! These two weeks I was in Rome and Amsterdam, my phone revolted and my blog was literally left unattended. I have many interesting jewelry things from the trip to share and promise to do it very soon! Meanwhile, the weekly popular series “Meet a jeweler” is back!

Let me introduce you a very interesting artist from Quebec Clémence Bienvenu.


Crafted creations with a poetic touch



Since Clémence can recall, she always liked creating, drawing, painting, modelling, making a lot of things… raised by an artist mom, we gotta to believe that it runs in the blood!

Very young, she started making jewelry, so becoming a jeweler was evident for her. After her jewelry studies in Montreal, Clémence further developed her skills, micro-mosaic amongst others.



She is particularly interested in micro because it demands a lot of patience, attention to detail and precision, which satisfies the perfectionist that lives in her! Clémence enjoys glass-work, specially because she likes working with colours and it gives her a versatile palet of options!

plumes 945



I also want to share with you that meeting Clémence made me discover something from the jewelry history. Micromosaïc is an old technique and dates back to Italy of the 18th century. Now it is a bit forgotten. To create something with this technique the jeweler uses special pieces of glass (“smalti”), which he (or she) needs to stretch into long threads (less than 1 mm in diameter and then cut into tiny (also only a couple of milimeters) sections calles “tesserae”. All these pieces are then places vertically into a piece of jewelry, creating the image with there points. Imagine, how much of micro work!


I grew-up in the countryside, I feel very connected with animals and nature, that is why I needed to have my workshop surrounded by this scenery: my source of inspiration and wellbeing. In a more evident or subtle way, you can perceive this influence and sensibility in my creations. I’m also fond of architecture and traveling. As a result, my creations are sometimes geometric, refined or minimalistic, ethnical while also contemporary.

I aim to transmit my passions and interests through my creations. I hope they’ll inspire you and that you wear them honouring such special link.







The price for these beautiful micromosaïc creations (pendant with a chain) is $325, but there are also things starting at $30.

You can surf and get them from the Etsy shop

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