Meet a jeweler: Elaine Marie


Hi, guys! I like to dig into something original and different. Do you know copper jewelry, that does not look like hippy twisted wires? Actually, copper is not an easy material to work with – if you take it serious and need to solder, there is only 1 type of solder! There are not so many designers who dare to challenge this material and make classy things with it. I will tell you about one of them – Elaine Marie LeBel.

Originally a graphic designer, Elaine Marie did not wear jewelry because she could not find anything to her taste. Once, in 2010 she wanted to give her mother a nice birthday gift. She liked unique handmade things, so the idea was to create a piece of jewelry for her. Beads, clasps, wire – everything was bought, and Elaine Marie opened online beading tutorals. That was it! It completely captivated her, opened a new world. With the time, however, she noiced, that, since everyone had access to the same materials, the creations also looked very similar, but Elaine Marie longed for something original! Finally, in 2012 she tried copper. Through the self-teaching she learned soldering and silversmithing.



Taking an idea from my head, making a sketch and then render it in 3D – it is so great!

Her goal is to create pieces that are unique, interesting, and that may be worn at any occasion in life. Elaine Marie uses only real stones, no imitations or synthetic. All her pieces are signed, so you know that it is not a copy.


She gets inspired by many things – Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Native Art or even simply the stones themselves.


As always, I ask the jeweler to share her or his daily work and routines. How does it happen? For Elaine Marie, like for many artists, the day starts with a cup of coffee! Her jewelery working day usually starts after supper. Evening and night is the best time for her creativity – that’s when she goes to her workshop. First, she will draw her idea on the metal, and then start executing. A typical day she will work 4-8 hours. A single piece, however, can take between 5 to 30 hours to make, including cutting, vanishing, soldering, texturing, fixing stones. At the end, cleaning the piece, antiquing it, polishing, then sealing it to keep its colours and protect the surface.


Anything worth doing is worth doing well


Elaine Marie is also concious about the impact of her work on the environment – she is using the packaging of recycled paper, buying stones from other artisans for reusing them.

She takes part in many salons, you can also buy her jewelry on her Etsy shop, prices varying around $100 for a necklace.

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