Meet a jeweler: Gabrielle Desmarais


Gabrielle Desmarais was born in Quebec in 1983. She received a degree from the Jewellery School of Montreal in 2010. Following her graduation, she was awarded the Janis Kerman Prize for Emerging Artists and was the first prize winner of the 7th National Jewellery Student Competition in Canada.

Since then, she is dedicated to her artistic practice and received grants from the Art Council of Quebec in 2011 and in 2012. Her strong interest in contemporary jewellery has encouraged her to pursue her education with workshops at Atelier en Route in France, with Wiilemijn De Greef and at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy. Since 2010, her work has been exhibited in numerous shows (I counted more than 15 in the last 6 years!) and publications in Quebec and abroad. In 2014 her work became, as well, a part of Public Collection at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

As she continues to develop and create her own work, she currently teaches workshops at the jewellery schools in Montreal and hopes to contribute to improving the domain of contemporary jewellery in Quebec and beyond.

I like how the form and colour meet each other and create a dialogue in her pieces…

Price range: earrings from $40, necklaces & pendants from $60

On December 8-10 Gabrielle invites everybody to celebrate the launch of her recent collection: Les Architectes.


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