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Friday at LOFT.bijoux is always very cozy because we meet a jeweler from Montreal. Today let me show you the world and work of Lidia R (Raymond). What I love about jewelry is that I never met any jeweler who does not love the profession (which you often see in many other jobs). Oppositely, it is a crowd of people who love it! Meet one of them!

Since she was a kid, she loved to make jewelry as a hobby… She tried different materials and techniques. In high school she already had so much jewelry that she decided to sell it to students! At that time, she never had any thoughts that it would become her future profession. Though, she was sure that she would have an artistic job, that she will create something with her hands.

Lidia studied theater at the Theater School of St-Hyacinthe. She liked it and the people she met there, but it was not completely her type of activity. So, she left for a 1-year trip to Irland. After coming back she went back to school, by chance, it was a program in jewelry. She graduated from l’École de Joaillerie de Montréal in 2010. Her jewelry business Lidia R joaillière was started at the same year. Now she is also an assistant-teacher at the same school. Lidia keeps taking classes from time to time to learn new techniques.

In 2011, freshly graduated, Lidia won her first contest! The theme was “Environment”, and she made her Sink ring! She won the 2 different categories (with a jeweller friend) “Creativity” and “Technical skills”.

Lidia was invited to show her work in SOFA Chicago in 2013 with CREA, the CMAQ gallery (this is really a great event!)… She went there herself and loved the experience, met nice people…

She was also invited to participate in an exhibition organized by l’École de joaillerie de Montréal and la Guide canadienne des métiers d’art. For this occasion, she created a tiny jewelry bench and candies! A lot of pleasure to make it! It is in silver, the top is mokume gane.

She had a few pieces selected for the exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of L’École de Joaillerie de Montréal (Her sink was there!), as well, as became the finalist for the François-Houdé Award in 2014.

Lidia is one of the participants of le LABO by Noel Guyomarc’h.

For her collections, Lidia gets inspired by the modern trends, however, she integrates them in her own creative way, to keep her style.

I asked her to share with us some of her daily jewelry routines 🙂

Oh boy! I’m sooo not a routine girl! I try really hard! I always make myself a good latte when I wake up and check my mails… Some days I make jewelry at the studio, others I work on my website and Etsy shop… Depends a lot of what is important that day and how I feel! I try to post something on Instagram as often as I can! And I teach twice a week at l’École de Joaillerie de Montréal, so much fun!

The good side of my job is that you create your own schedule. But for this you really need to have discipline not to procrastinate too much!

Lidia is concious about the sustainability of her job. She tries to avoid wasting water so she has a a bowl to dip her pieces in instead of running the tap water! Also, she gathers all the little silver details to melt them and transform into ingots to further create a wire. She is still fascinated by this process!

Lidia (together with Jessie Grêves) can also come to a “home party” like some clothes and cosmetics companies do to present and sell her beautiful pieces. For such events the organizer and the participants will have some benefits also – you can check for the details here. Isn’t it a nice idea for an evening “only for girls”?

The price starts at $20, the average is aroud 60-80$.

You can find her pieces at her my Etsy shopat L’Empreinte coopérative in Old Montreal, Articho in Villeray, Dominic Dufour in Rosemère and some oher places.

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