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It is Friday, which means that I am presenting you a jewelry creator from Montreal, who has style, personality and whose work I enjoy. Today I want to share with you some works by Agathe Bodineau, more familiar to jewery lovers as LLY Atelier.


I have a beautiful brooch by Agathe, unfortunately can’t find it now and make a photo because my jewelry drawer is in a mess (don’t know how to store more than 300 objects…If someone has any ideas, please, write me, I will dedicate you a poem!).

LLY ATELIER is an independent jewelry line based in Montreal; the series are made by hand in the studio by designer Agathe Bodineau. Agathe is a self-taught jeweler who graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Painting & Drawing and also studied at École des beaux-arts de Montpellier, France. Process and experimentation are at the heart of her practice.  Her interest for design and materials led her to launch the line and to work with designers on varying projects in art and fashion. The works are inspired by visual art, natural sciences, extreme adornments, rock’n’roll, architectural lines, and shaped by a somber and minimalist aesthetic.

LLY ATELIER has been published in Vogue, Elle Magazine, Flare, La Presse, Teeth Magazine, PaperCut Magazine, Some/Things, Flanelle Mag, Chloé Mag amonst others and presented at Montreal Fashion Week, at Fashion Preview, at Fashion Arts Toronto and in numerous design fairs, pop-up shops and art galleries.

I like the seemingly raw style of her jewelry, it might suprise you, but these things add so much fragility and style. If you are ready to widen a bit the familiar bounds of your jewelry choice you will be surprised how a little unusual piece of art on your neck or finger can add new energy and drive. “Drive” – that is the word for me, describing LLY ATELIER.

I liked one quote from her video – it reminded me again that we have something done only by doing, that inspiration comes at work, that we need to make the first step – to take some object or some action and we will understand how to transform it on the way.

My practice is so connected to materials because it’s always the material that would inspire a piece. It’s always with the thing in my hand that I will have the idea of how I would like it to take shape. Often pieces may even happen by a mistake. The things may not always go the way you planned.

Price range: earrings from $120, pendants & necklaces from $80, bracelets from $170, rings from $120

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Photos from the site and Facebook page of LLY ATELIER

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