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Hello, guys! This Friday we’ll have two in one – I will show you the photos from the opening of the nomadic boutique Cabinet Éphémère at the Rockland Center on April 12th and feature a designer from Montreal, who presented her new collection MARCHE LUNAIRE at that event. I am so excited to tell you about Virginie Turcot-Lamarre, known to some of you as Louve Montreal.

Jewelry has always been to Virginie a universe in which she felt comfortable experimenting. She grew up surrounded by very creative woodlovers and got seduced by the amazing richness of wood. She started her own experimentations around 3 years ago and created what would became Louve!

Virginie has a very self-taught approach – she has not studied neither in jewelry nor in woodworking, nor in fashion nor even in design! However, she still belongs in terms of education to the art world – she completed studies in Art History at the University of Montreal, and at the University of Barcelona, before seriously embarking into jewelry-making, and launching her own line. 

Virginie is very much Inspired by the material itself, and by the natural warmth of wood and leather. She likes to see her pieces as hybrids, as the result of very eclectic inspirations, coming out as sleek jewels that stand out because of their singular and assertive minimalist aesthetic.

Even though I can’t detach completely from my personal feminine point of view, I like the idea of creating a line that is mostly unisex. I like to believe that my jewelry can be appreciated by a very wide variety of persons and personalities.

All jewelry by Louve is made locally and in small quantities. Each piece is handcrafted, one by one, with meticulous attention to detail and respect for the raw material. For both wood and leather, materials are mostly recycled. Virginie gets most of her leather from local handbags designers (mainly working with already recovered leather!). All of her wood pieces are exclusively made from tree species of Quebec’s forest; mostly maple, birch, beech, cherry and walnut. She likes to preserve an appearance, at times, unrefined, at the finishing process, to highlight the uniqueness of each jewel, as the persons who will wear it around their neck.


As I am always interested in it, I asked Virginie about her normal workday.

This is what she told me: “Except from being very ”full”, I can’t really tell what a typical work day would look like! I really don’t have much of a routine. Since I am still working alone on this journey, I am wearing many many hats! It makes each day quite different from the previous. That is something I really do enjoy”.


This one might be one of the best advice I got: ” Don’t listen to anybody.. nobody knows what they’re doing anyway!



These contemporary jewelry pieces are not only original and made of sustainable materials, but also very affordable (unlike many contemporary pieces 🙂 ). You can get them at many shops and online at a price from around $50.


Now give a glance into the opening of Cabinet Éphémère and the new collection by Louve Montreal MARCHE LUNAIRE.

All photos and materials by Louve Montreal

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