Meet a jeweler: Magali Thibault Gobeil


Friday, friday, friday! Every friday is a special day for me – I can`t wait to share with you a story about a jewelry designer from Montreal. I have many guests on my site from the USA and other places outside Quebec and Canada and I understand your interest for the jewelers from Montreal, as most of the information you can find is in french. So, today one more francophone jewelry disclosure – Magali Thibault Gobeil.


The first time I learnt about Magali was at JOYA Barcelona, when I asked myself: “Since when did they start to accept candy necklaces?!“

Magali is a young participant on the jewelry scene but already has gained a name on the international scope. To become an artist she was first taught by her parents and by herself before graduating from l’École de joaillerie de Montréal in 2013. I checked her C.V. – it is an impressive list of studies, exhibitions and awards.

Among others, she was the finalist of the prix François-Houdé 2014 (Montréal), the winner of the Prix première présence at Salon des métiers d’arts de Montréal 2014, participant of one of the most prestigious fairs JOYA Barcelona 2016 (Spain) and, as I recently learnt, was accepted for another super event – Athens Jewelry Week 2017.

Until March, 26th you can also see her works at “Le Labo de Noel Guyomarc’h ; nouvelles propositions du bijou de création au Québec“in Trois-Rivières as well, as at the gallery of Noel Guyomarc’h in Montreal.IMG_6873

Research and experiment are the engine of my creations

Price range: “candy collection” brooches from $85, necklaces from $450, available at L.A.Pai Gallery or online

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