Meet a jeweler: Montserrat Duran Muntadas


Today I want to tell you about someone who is both a professional artist and jeweler, and these two worlds closely intersect in her creative projects. For the first time I saw a work by Montserrat Duran Muntadas when was recently checking the exhibition and the finalists of the Prix François-Houdé, organized by Conseil des métiers d’art du Québec (btw, it is still on until February, 18th). Montserrat was a finalist this year with this work “Mes belles histoires de foetus”.


Just yesterday I was very glad to meet her in person at Salon des métiers d’art and even got a nice piece from her new collection!


So, let me tell you more.

In 2004 Montserrat began her specialization in the glass world in “Escuela del Vidrio”, Barcelona, and after she continued her studies in “Real Fabrica de Vidrios de Segovia”. She graduated with honors and she received and interchange in the french glass school CERFAV.

Her specialization in techniques working with hot glass together with her artistic vision of the world motivated her to create in 2008 her own brand of glass jewelry. In 2009, she completed her degree in Fine Arts in Barcelona University. From that moment, she decided to mix her two great passions: art and glass, creating artistic pieces and installations.

She now lives in Canada, working on her jewelry and art pieces and as an assistant for artists Annie Cantin and Pavel Cajthaml. She continues her training in various glass studios with glassblowers such as Satoshi Okamoto, Olivier Mallemouche, Chuck Lopez etc…

Her works have been exhibited around the world: France, Colombia, Spain, U.K., Germany, Canada…Aside from Prix François-Houdé, one of her pieces recently got in the SOFA catalog in Chicago, one of the biggest events in art and design. Many of her projects are realized together with Jean-Simon Trottier, a glass artist, as well.

I could not find her shop online, but Montserrat participates in design events, so you can get pieces there. As for price range, it varies, at Salon she was selling necklaces from around $60, earrings from $40.

Photos and information from Montserrat Duran Muntadas 

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With these bright and joyful colors she tells her story, even its pages that are not so bright.

At the age of 13, the artist was diagnosed with a uterine malformation that endangered her fertility, as well as her potential  of living as a normal woman.

But what is a ”normal” woman these days?

That is the underlying question that the artist ponders with this work, in an era where illness or anomaly is a shared condition, through its infinite trajectories, that can  represent normalcy.

To accept and describe the anomaly, to show its beauty, to create from the inability of procreating, that was the challenge encountered while assembling the blown glass pieces of this intimate yet public installation Entranas (entrails).  The outcome resulted with deformed pieces that seem ornamental, where the inner space notions and the visceral art became literal.

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