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We are entering the era of the enlightened customers. People are more and more inquiring about what is it exactly that they are buying? How is it made? By whom? Of what? I love that! Because for me, as a jeweler, it is more and more interesting to explore my craft and all its facets.
      Let’s take stones. It is not simply A Ring With A Rock that is wanted. Where does that rock comes from? Can it be traceable? All these questions are now bothering our clients, we should be aware of them, as well. I am not a gemmologist, but I am deeply interested in this subject. I am also eco-friendly in all the aspects that can be, actually, possible for jewelers (not everything can by sustainable in jewelry). It has been a while I was searching for a professional to develop this direction on my blog – to share such information about stones, accessible for professional jewelers and curious jewelry-lovers. My wish was heard! With this post I am opening the new menu “Stones”, in which Martine Lavoie, the President of Pierres de charme, a highest-level expert, will share her wealth of knowledge with the readers of LOFT.bijoux.
      Let me introduce Martine. She is FGA Gemmologist, ICA (International Coloured Gemstones Association) Ambassador for Canada, Certified Jewellery Appraiser and Gem Dealer. In 2012 she founded Pierres de charme Inc., specializing in the sale of gems and precious stones. When I met Martine and discovered all the energy and love that she puts into her business I was not surprised anymore that only in 5 years she grew the company to one of the acknowledged gem suppliers at the country level. Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, Fredericton, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver – this is now the major geography of Martine, together with her daughter Bénédicte who also joined the business.
      Now comes the part which attracted my attention most of all and made me click “yes, that is the right person for what I want to do!” If you look into their agenda, Martine and Bénédicte travel extensively to the best international gem events and directly to the mines! They are, actually, getting a lot of their stones at the places, observe them being cut and transported. Have I already said they are a wealth of knowledge? And it is the knowledge coming directly from the land, from the experience.
      I am making this article to introduce Martine and Bénédicte. In the next post you will learn about the traceable sapphires.
Information: Pierres de charme

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