Anaëlle Lepont

Anaëlle Lepont is young in jewelry making. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the University of Lille III in France (2003), and she got a diploma in Basic Techniques in Jewelry from the École de joaillerie de Montréal in 2018.
Her approach to jewelry creation is strongly influenced by her studies in visual arts, fantasy literature and the world of children’s books.
Color is essential in her creations and allows her to convey sensations, emotions and visual references.
I want to be a source of inspiration for everyone’s smile and well-being.
To be inspired by the joys of life, visual arts and literature to raise awareness of art and color, to challenge and arouse emotions through original jewelry that has a story to tell.
The quality of the design and the manufacture of a jewel are essential in Anaëlle’s conception of contemporary jewelry, which combines traditional and modern techniques.
Originality and rigor are put forward at all stages of the realization of a jewel to create an object-grigri that reflects the personality of the one who will carry it with happiness.
Everyone should be able to buy jewels without feeling guilty about where they came from and how they were made! By using suppliers and intermediaries in Quebec, Anaëlle contributes to developing the local economy. Recycling the metal and checking the origin of the stones used is also an ethical commitment of artist.