Catrie (Montreal, Quebec)

Chic urban aesthetics. That is what Catrie embodies in her jewelry.

Inspired by the purity of nature and the energy of the city, every piece is conceived with strong contrasts, as raw and refined, organic and structured.

Educated in traditional jewelry, Catrie transforms precious metals by adding concrete and other alternative materials. She creates wonderful delicate pieces for everyday and unforgettable statement adornments.

"From a very young age, the origin and the meaning of life compels me to questioning. By creating, I outline reality, which confirms my existence.To create sculpts my identity from which I can no longer dissociate.

Since 2012, concrete became the main element of my work. Its infinite possibilities allow me genuine creative freedom. In the past years, from coarse agglomerates, I proposed different series of creations: Projet B (2012-2013), Projet B Explorations (2013-2014) and The convincing remains of a nearby past (2014-2015)".