Louve (Montreal Quebec)

Inspired by the natural warmth of wood and leather, Virginie Turcot-Lamarre behind Louve uses and combines salvaged materials to produce hybrids, sleek jewels that stand out because of their audacity and character.

For both, wood and leather, materials are mostly recovered, without compromise on quality. All pieces of wood are exclusively made from tree species of Quebec’s forest.

Louve is an independent jewelry line based in Montreal. The collections are handmade and designed by Virginie Turcot-Lamarre.  Taking shape from very eclectic inspirations, Louve jewelry are characterized by a singular and assertive minimalist aesthetic.

Each piece is handcrafted, one by one, with meticulous attention to detail and  respect for the raw material.

An appearance, at times, unrefined, tends to be preserved at the finishing process, so as to highlight the uniqueness of each jewel, as the person who will wear it around their neck.