Asymmetric modern net earrings || Copper, powder coat
Studio METHOD(E)

Asymmetric modern net earrings || Copper, powder coat

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These drop net earrings are in a modern minimalist asymmetric style that is completly one of a kind and unique. These earrings are made from recuperated materials - used electric wires that were on their way to the dump. The wires are skinned of their plastic coating, cleaned, drawn down to various diameters, formed, soldered then finally powdercoated.

Powdercoating is a process that is often used in industry. A fine powder is shot onto a charged piece, it is then cured in an oven creating a layer of durable plastic on the metal.

These earrings have a nice movement and, despite their size, they are quite light and very comfortable to wear.

Length: 9 cm (3.5 inches)


Studio METHOD(E) is based in Quebec City, Quebec.

Emily Lewis behind Studio METHOD(E) takes her inspiration from classic Victorian jewelry and turns it into contemporary organic, simple shapes and bright colours.
Emily creates handmade powdercoat earrings, rings, necklaces and brooches with recycled materials such as electric wires and roofing cut offs.

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