loft.bijoux is a jewelry atelier-boutique with headquarters in Montreal (3910 rue Saint-Denis) and office in Ottawa (251 Laurier Ave W) (both open by appointment).
We create unique engagement rings and custom jewelry for those who seek designs beyond the ordinary. Much like us, they share a passion for exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful precious gemstones.
The entire process, from choosing your stone (whether it's a diamond or a colored precious gem) to the design and production, is personalized. Additionally, we offer a selection of ready-to-wear jewelry in our store.
Committed to sustainable practices, we strive to adhere to the highest industry standards. We have a curated selection of precious gemstones with ethical provenance and work with recycled gold.
We provide worldwide shipping and currently have clients in over 15 countries.

About Olga

loft.bijoux was created in 2016 by Olga Leclair to bring together her passion, heirloom quality jewelry, ethical practices and new technologies.

Olga has taken courses at the École de joaillerie de Montréal, at the Haute École de Joaillerie in Paris, at the Van Cleef & Arpels school in Paris, at the École de gemmologie de Montréal, at GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), at Gübelin (Lucerne, Switzerland). Olga has a certificate in Jewelry History and is a graduate gemologist, GG (IGI, Antwerp).
Before turning to the jewelry field, Olga obtained a BS in Strategic Management in England (Northumbria University in Newcastle) and an MS in Management from John Molson School of Business (Montreal) and worked for 10 years in management in large electrical companies and consulting.

From personal archives: Haute École de Joaillerie and Van Cleef & Arpels School of Jewellery Arts, Paris

From personal archives: Gemmology studies in Antwerp, Belgium, Millon Belgique Auction house in Brussels, Belgium, Rough diamond analysis, diamond district in Antwerp

The story


“A few years ago I experienced a powerful and painful personal event. For many months I could not overcome it and return to my normal way of life. I happened to see at that moment an exhibition of items recovered from the Titanic. There were jewels. Can you imagine ?! No more boat, people, the whole époque - and jewelry is still there!
It went right into my existential question at the time - what I want to leave after me.
Don't laugh, but I told myself: "People don't throw away gold. If I create 1000 really beautiful and important pieces in my lifetime, chances are good that in 500 years 10-15 will still be there."

 We made a special edition about the Titanic story, you can find it here

loft.bijoux turns your most important stories into jewels.

We put on your fingers gems with a touch of your loved ones. We turn your travel journals from ancient cities and far away seas into gold. That iron motif from a balcony in Paris will become a necklace. We’ll find emeralds to match the colour of hills from your trip in Tuscany and sapphires to catch the Caribbean wave.
We create your collection of moments that matter
Aside from the best job in the world, Olga loves horses and tango