Portfolio of custom jewelry

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Earrings (rose gold, tsavorite, sapphire, tourmaline, citrine, aigue-marine, topaz)

Lion necklace (18k gold and diamond)

Minimalist gold wedding band

White gold 14k, sapphires from Montana and tourmalines of the client

Yellow gold and citrine

White gold 18k & raspberry rainbow sapphires eternity ring 

Men white gold wedding band

White gold wedding band to go with the existing engagement ring

Tanzanite and diamonds set

Rose gold, morganite and pearls wedding set

Eternity 18k white gold and Montana sapphires band

Men faceted wedding band

A set in rose gold - morganite, pastel rose, blue and green Montana sapphires


Bumblebee - 18k gold, hot enamel, black spinel, andalusites

Candy rings - gold, various gemstones

White gold, tourmaline, pastel green sapphires

Silver, gold, black diamonds, black spinel

Tanzanite, tsavorites

New life of the old emerald ring

Gold, silver, bronze

Gold and silver, black diamonds, spinel

Silver ring

White gold & garnet set



Cufflinks with birthstones and engravings

0.5 carat diamond, white gold

Turquoise necklace

Garnet, gold

Gold necklace and earrings transformed from old gold hoops

Brazilian emerald inside

White gold, diamond

19k white gold, lab-created emerald, Montana sapphires

Garnet, citrine

White gold, tanzanite


Silver, garnet, prasiolite

Gold, tanzanite

Jade, gold & silver ring (stone and gold recycled from client's pieces)

When one earring is lost, the other can become a necklace (topaz, gold)

Star sapphire, white gold ring

 Prasiolite necklace


Silk on gold, with the fingerprints inside, gold (marriage rings)

Peridot, gold & silver ring

Men ring, silver & meteorite


Black diamond & white gold necklace

Silver necklace

Opal & white gold necklace

Gold, andalusite ring

Silver, smoky quartz brooch

Silver & topaz necklace

Diamond & gold necklace

Brooch to necklace transformation (silver)

Silver & smoky quartz ring

Silver & gold men ring

Garnet and silver necklace

Jasper statement ring