Gemstones are the DNA of LOFT.bijoux. I spend many hours every week selecting and working with gemstones.

While there are a lot of sources for professional gemologists, talking to my clients I discovered that not so much is written for those who love them without knowing their chemical composition. If you want to know:

- beyond the standard articles on 4Cs of diamond characteristics and birthstone tables;

- why two similar gems of the same size can have 10 times of price difference;

- what gems look like in real, not on the edited Internet photos;

- about what can be ethical and eco-friendly;

- many other things from the amazing universe of gemstones that I'm happy to share with you from my everyday work.

This part of my site is for you!

I will constantly update it with guides and curious posts about colored gemstones and diamonds. And don't hesitate to write me if there is something in particular you'd like to know!