15 factors for the price of colored gemstones

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This article opens the series of posts on factors influencing the price of colored gemstones. I want you, as a client, to be better prepared to make educated choice and prioritize factors that really matter for you. I also want you to know better this amazing universe of gems.

Most of you have heard about the 4Cs of diamonds - the four main characteristics that influence the price of a diamond.

However, can you remember anything like that about colored gemstones? Most likely not, unless you are an industry professional. And even in the industry there is very little shared standard knowledge on the colored gemstones, and most of it comes from the experience of those directly involved in the trade - miners, gem dealers and jewelers.

When you study to become a gemologist at GIA (Gemological Institute of America), you have 3 courses on diamonds and 5 on colored gemstones. And it's not only because there are so many more types of gems. This article opens the series of posts where I will share the main factors that can dramatically change the price of a colored gemstone.

In this post I will only sum up these factors and will develop each of them later.

15 factors to influence the price of colored gemstones

1. Color.

2. Tone of colour.

3. Clarity.

4. Quality and type of cut - precision calibrated cut or other types of cutting (sometimes called "native cuts" or "Asian cuts").

5. Fluorescence (if applied).

6. Treatment and, if any - the kind of treatment.

7. Origin.

8. Weight of the gem in carats and fitting into the "psychological borders" of up to 5 carats, 5-8, 10+, etc.

9. Fashion, trends.

10. Political and economic situation in the mine region.

11. Gem report and, if any - by what lab.

12. Jeweler's place in the supply chain and his/her relationships with the suppliers.

13. If gems come as a matching pair/set.

14. Historical gems and closed mines.

15. Provenance/ethical and eco-friendly sourcing.


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