5 things to know about jewelry and perfume


Five things to know if you wear jewelry and use perfume.

1) Chemicals found in most perfumes can change the color of stones, pearls and tarnish silver or other metal.

2) Though gold is considered to be unaffected, remember, we usually don't wear pure 24k gold. All the other alloys (10-14-18k) might still be a subject to damage.

3) Stones might not only change their color but even their texture (become porous and uneven). Opals, emeralds, tanzanite and pearls require extra precautions (the list, though, is not complete).

4) Follow the simple rule - Last On, First Off for all your jewelry when you apply perfume or cosmetics.

5) If something has happened to your piece (it is unusually oxidized and doesn't clean with a cleaning liquid, the stone changed its's texture, etc.) come to a jeweller. In most cases the metal and stones can be re-polished. Though, if it has changed the color, most likely there's nothing to be done.

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