Jewelry by Salvador Dali - Spain || #TravelWithLB


I went to Figueres in Spain to see Teatre-Museu Gala Salvador Dalí and to check out some wonderful jewelry by the artist. 

Between 1941 and 1970 Salvador Dali created fantastic jewelry. He made the designs for the pieces on paper, with all kinds of details and great precision of shapes, materials and colors, while they were made up in New York by the team of the Argentinean-born silversmith Carlos Alemany under the close supervision of the artist himself.

I was absolutely captured to see fantastic pieces on paper and made of stones, both – chef d’oeuvre.

Dalí personally selected each of the materials used, not only for their colors or value but also for their meaning and the symbolic connotations of each and every one of the previous stones and noble metals. Some of the jewels that form part of this collection, such as The Eye of Time (1949), Royal Heart (1953), or The Space Elephant (1961), have become key works and are considered to be as exceptional as some of his paintings.

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